Ernie Regehr, O.C., Senior Fellow

Ernie Regehr is Senior Fellow in Arctic Security and Defence at The Simons Foundation. Mr. Regehr is one of Canada's most prominent and respected voices on international disarmament and peace and Co-Founder and former Executive Director of Project Ploughshares, an ecumenical agency of the Canadian Council of Churches implementing the churches' call to be international peacemakers and upholders of justice. He is currently a Research Fellow at the Centre For Peace Advancement, Conrad Grebel University College, the University of Waterloo, and Chairman of Canadians for a Nuclear Weapons Convention, a project of Canadian Pugwash Group.

He has served as an NGO representative and expert advisor on a number of Government of Canada delegations to multilateral disarmament forums. He is a former Commissioner of the World Council of Churches Commission on International Affairs and is an Officer of the Order of Canada.  In January 2011, he was named as the 26th laureate of the Pearson Peace Medal.

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Ernie Regehr and Dr. Jennifer Simons have worked together for many years, partnering their organizations, Project Ploughshares and The Simons Foundation, to convene conferences, workshops and seminars on the major disarmament issues of the times.

See The Simons Foundation's Arctic Security Briefing Papers for information focussing on military policies and practices in the Arctic Region prepared by Ernie Regehr, as well as his briefing papers on Canadian Defence Policy.

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