Featured Highlights

See the following for the text of Paul Meyer's presentation at the Space Security Index side event, "Tracking Space Security: Are We Ready to Go Live?", held during the United Nations General Assembly First Committee in New York.
Visit SIPRI to download this publication co-edited by Tariq Rauf and Jayantha Dhanapala, who is one of The Simons Foundation's Peace Shapers as a recipient of The Simons Foundation Award for Distinguished Global Leadership in the Service of Peace and Disarmament.

See The Simons Foundation's page on The Canadian Defence Policy Review for briefing papers by Ernie Regehr, Senior Fellow in Defence Policy and Arctic Security at The Simons Foundation.

Visit The New York Times at the link below for this opinion editorial by Bruce G. Blair, one of The Simons Foundation's Peace Leaders.
See The Simons Foundation's Nuclear Disarmament Briefing Papers for this contribution from John Burroughs, J.D., Ph.D., a Fellow of The Simons Foundation.
The Simons Foundation's Fellows, John Burroughs and Paul Meyer, are among the authors of this UN Office of Disarmament Affairs publication. Please see the following for their contributions: "Legal aspects of general and complete nuclear disarmament" and "Hard and soft linkages between nuclear and conventional disarmament" and for more information on the complete publication.